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"Chris & his team know what he is doing and gets results."
Gabriel Levin Attorney
Chris has literally delivered on every idea or marketing concept we have discussed which is rare in his industry. I have worked with a number of so called experts in the past and no one has approached the level of customer service or results that Chris has.
I have used Chris for our website's SEO campaign and his service is excellent. He is an expert in his field, he clearly defines his goals, and he provides regular spreadsheets to measure his results against the initial goal. His efforts have tripled (or more) our call volume.
Chris is a very knowledgable and professional Search Engine Optimization (SEO) consultant. Chris and his team work very well with their clients, they are very easy to get in touch with. Bottom line, he knows what he is doing and gets results.
Chris and his team developed a website for me that exceeded expectations. They are professional and thorough. I am working with them to start a campaign to increase me online marketing and cannot wait to see the results.
Chris is a man amongst boys. He really knows his stuff. Before we hired Chris we did our SEO in house. We were so reluctant to hire an outside person because whenever we met with people we felt like we always knew more than the people we were thinking of hiring. Until we met Chris.
Chris is an excellent SEO specialist! I opened a criminal law practice in Chicago about two years ago. As part of my marketing strategy, I focused on internet marketing. Specifically, I wanted to rank locally on Google's first page for search terms such as "Chicago criminal attorney.
If you would like to get more clients and increase your firm’s revenue and are tired of paying for ads and the time that networking for referrals takes, then I would recommend that you call Chris Dreyer at I’m very impressed with the strategies and techniques that he has developed to improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for his clients and get them first page rankings in search engines.
Chris is really a great professional in the SEO space for attorneys. I have worked with Chris on special projects and he always comes through with excellent results. He really puts your needs first.
Simply put, Chris Dreyer is terrific. He represents the best of the best in the SEO industry. I highly recommend him to any law firms or other business that need assistance with SEO. He is very smart, professional, friendly, and helpful. Great work!
I highly recommend Chris Dreyer to anyone who owns a law firm or other small business and needs assistance with SEO. He was professional, friendly, thorough, and very knowledgeable in the matter he helped us with.
Chris has been one of the best finds in my search for legal marketing. I have used numerous SEO experts over the years and have yet to find one that could keep up with the changing needs of my online marketing. Chris and his team have stood out as leaders in their field. He responds to every email or has someone in his team get back to me. And not only get back to me, but fix a problem and provide a suggestion on the best action to take. I am very pleased with the product Chris has produced. I base my reviews on results and Chris has provided results for my online presence.
Attorney Rankings, owner Chris Dreyer and his team are a great fit for any law firm who wants to boost their internet rankings and SEO analytics being in line with the most updated terms. In less than a year, they brought my firm’s rankings in Trucking accidents to number one in Illinois. They are extremely professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend Attorney Rankings for your firm’s SEO and internet ranking needs.
For several years, I have followed the work and social media outreach of Chris Dreyer. I have come to respect Mr. Dreyer as one of the foremost leaders in legal digital marketing. 
Chris Dreyer has created an internet marketing firm specializing in online lawyer advertising. He is both knowledgable and experienced in navigating the SEO and PPC landscape to maximize a lawyer's online presence. I have used Chris' services personally and thus can relay first hand that he knows what he's doing and he gets results. I started a brand new firm 2.5 years ago, and today half of my new-client intake is internet-based, in no small part thanks to Chris. On a personal level, he is friendly, affable, and very easy to work. with. Highly recommended.
We are truly grateful for the work Chris did for our firm. His leadership and knowledge of website design and marketing are already paying dividends for us. Chris really is the best in the business!
Chris has exceeded our firm's expectations in the short time we have worked with him. He is extremely detail-oriented, quick to respond to questions and concerns, and seems to be the most knowledgeable person out there in the field of SEO for attorneys. I would highly recommend him to anyone in the country!
Chris has done phenomenal work for our firm for years now. Not only is he on the cutting edge of SEO, but his team's responsiveness to any inquiry is unmatched in the industry.
Chris Dreyer is the GOLD standard for attorney SEO. He is nationally known and accomplished.
Chris Dreyer and his team at have done an outstanding job for our firm. They are responsive, reliable and produced tangible results. I highly recommend them to any firm. We could not be more pleased.
Chris Dreyer is a master of law firm marketing and at the top of the business. Whether it's local SEO, content marketing, branding or the use of social media platforms, Chris has the experience and creative innovation that make all the difference. I've learned a great deal from him and recommend him highly.
Having worked for 12+ years in computer consulting for government agencies and major corporations all across the continental U.S. with much of that time spent helping businesses with their web programming needs, I have seen how many organizations attempt to improve their site rankings with SEO. Not all of them were elegant or effective. Now that I am in private legal practice and need to improve our firm's website rankings, I can see first-hand how well Chris's techniques work. These are not gimmicks or sleight of hand that only work in the short-term. Chris is a true guru of the SEO realm. You will not be disappointed when you work with him.
Having run my own practice for the last 16 years, I have seen a LOT of charlatans when it comes to "SEO" and internet marketing "experts." I can truly say that Chris and are anything but! They know what works, they develop good, sound strategies and they implement these game plans with hard work and dedication. I would highly recommend these guys to any law firm looking to use legitimate and sound internet marketing tools that work!
Chris is extraordinary. Sometime you hear that someone is the "best in the business" and you think "that's a nice compliment, he must be good." I think that Chris is the best in the business for attorney search engine optimization rankings and I mean "the best in the business" in the United States - really. Maybe Chris has some equivalent peers in the country - I just don't know where or who they are.
Chris is very knowledgeable when it comes to internet marketing for attorneys. I highly recommend his services.
Chris has done an excellent job of assisting me with online marketing. Some of the finer points of optimizing my web presence escape me, and Chris has assisted with excellent results. did a amazing job on both our website and logo design. We were very pleased by the attention to detail and customer service provided by the staff. Chris and his staff listened to our needs, was open-minded to new ideas, and was very happy to answer any questions throughout the process. Sam C. Mitchell & Associates would like to thank you and your staff for creating a website that we had always envisioned.
Chris helped our firm on both an SEO project and PPC campaign. He is intelligent, highly-professional, and very meticulous in his work. Before doing anything, he conducted a thorough audit of our website, our online presence, and the competitive marketplace for our region. He compiled a a report of his findings, and went to work for us. From there, it seemed as though he worked non-stop in building an increased online presence for our firm. I highly recommend him, and intend to refer him to non-competitor colleagues here in Eastern Virginia.
Chris's company took over an SEO campaign that had become a disaster in the hands of two previous marketing operations. Within a few weeks, our positioning improved and has continued to improve steadily. His staff is exceptionally responsive, cooperative, and proactive. They keep an eye on everything, freeing me up to do my work instead of babysitting the marketing campaign. We're still fairly early into the relationship, but so far Chris has lived up to my highest expectations. 
Chris and his company do a phenomenal job of providing quality written content about attorneys and current legal events. If you need a press release or written content for your law firm's website, I recommend that you contact Chris. 
Chris provided outstanding insight to my firm when I was just beginning to get things off the ground level. His knowledge and professionalism are top notch and his services are a must for any firm looking to have an internet presence. I will continue to do business with him in the future.
Chris is an extremely effective and hard working. He does high quality work and is extremely prompt in addressing your concerns. It is without hesitation I would recommend Chris to anyone needing his services.
Chris is an excellent professional with the necessary knowledge to rank your site in an excellent position and keep you there with strong content, legitimate and effective SEO techniques. Responsible, honest, worried for his clients and how happy they are with his services. He is someone I highly recommend.