Rankings.io Referral System

To our valued clients,

There’s nothing more flattering to us than an endorsement from one of our loyal clients; that’s why we have launched our new Rankings.io $2,000 “Warm Lead” Referral Program.

Here’s how it works: we’ll pay you $2,000 for every qualified lead you refer to us via 3-way e-mail or introductory call on our behalf that leads to a signed project contract.

Qualification Requirements:

  • Introduction via Email (Included will be yourself, us and the potential client)
  • Introduction via Phone (Included will be yourself, us and the potential client)
  • Your referral must sign an agreement for a website design or an SEO retainer contract

Referral Program FAQ:

Does this referral have to be a law firm?

Absolutely not! Feel free to introduce trusted referrals to us from any industry (e.g., chiropractors, dentists, plumbers, etc.).

Are you limited to how many times you can refer?

No.  For each referral meeting our qualification requirements above, we’ll pay you $2,000!

Can anyone take advantage of the “Warm Lead” Referral Program?

No. This offer is exclusive to our existing clients.

If you have questions or need additional details please reach out to your SEO Account Coordinator.


~Rankings.io Team

When speaking to a referral, please Note: Each one of our client’s investments in their search marketing is dependent upon a variety of factors. Geographic region, competitiveness of keyword phrases, market saturation for a particular practice area and current market share in search (among other factors) all determine how much time, effort, and ultimately cost a business must take on in order to rank well in search.

Please avoid discussing financial details of your organization’s unique SEO campaign. Such discussions have the potential to paint an unrealistic picture for potential prospects with their own unique set of challenges and goals as it relates to SEO. Each of our client’s SEO campaigns is tailored to their specific situation and it is often impossible to apply standard pricing.