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Our SEO Driven DesignTM process sets the tone for your site to rank well in search.

SEO Driven DesignTM for Lawyers

A firm’s website is often the first impression a potential client gets of the practice. It is the place where lawyers can control what people learn about the firm as well as where they can portray their brand in the best light. For these reasons, the look, feel and structure of an attorney’s website are paramount. excels at lawyer-specific website design for the legal vertical. Our goal for client websites is to create a balance among professional design, aesthetically pleasing appeal and best practices for user experience and SEO. We have a proven track record of building websites that look awesome, generate high conversion rates, and perform well in search.

Websites from are structurally designed to perform well in search. Right from the beginning of every website project, best practices in code construction and organization ensure that pages load fast, website’s are responsive to mobile devices, and that there are no validation errors in HTML and CSS.

1. Aesthetic Design Questionnaire & Discovery

No one knows your firm better than you which is where our design process starts. Clients are involved right from the very beginning by telling us their thoughts on how they want their custom website to look. They are instrumental in helping us craft the vision of how they should be portrayed online.

We take the views and ideas from our clients and incorporate them into our design process. Using this method, our clients are more likely to get a website that is truly a reflection of their professional style.

2. Practice Area & Geography Discovery

Form follows function and that concept is no different for website design. Our seasoned designers learn about your firm and what practice areas are most important to highlight. We also take into account the local market that you’re targeting when coming up with design concepts.

With this information, our designers know what to make prominent on your new website so you can attract the clients you want. If we’ve done our job right, your clients will know exactly how to find the information they are looking for on your site as well as what to do when they are ready to commit to your firm.

3. Pre-design consult

Before we begin on your new website, we sit down with you to discuss things like look, feel and your firm’s goals. The idea is to get your vision on paper and then put our team to work making it a reality. has dozens of years combined experience in aesthetic and usability design expertise at our disposal.

4. Graphical mockup

Based on information from the pre-design consult, puts together three design mockups for your new website. These are representations of what your new site could look like before it is live on the web.

During this process, you can assess the overall direction of your web development process is heading in. Once a design concept is chosen by our clients, development work begins to bring the site to life on the internet.

5. Revisions

We want your final website to be a projection of your professional practice so it has to be right. Our designers will go through rounds of revisions until you are satisfied and before even one line of code gets written. This is a time for lawyers to see how their website is shaping up and give feedback on what they like and what they want to improve upon.

6. Staging & Development

Once you are happy with your new design, the professional coders at go to work building your site. We don’t want your site to be visible to search engines or anyone else before it is ready so we build everything in our state-of-the-art development environment.

This way you as well as our design and development professionals can see the site as it would look before it is available to anyone else.

What Clients Say

" created a very professional website for my firm from scratch. They were very thorough and had a good eye for detail. I would recommend them for your online needs."
"When clients need new or redesigned sites, and when they want cost-effective ongoing marketing that brings measurable results, I recommend"
"They not only accommodated all of my requests, he did so with an air of professionalism throughout our engagement. I would highly recommend them without pause, halt or hesitation".